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HABA bathtub ball track water course

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Rumble, tumble, splish, splash!  Make bath time a rollicking adventure.  The water ball, with cheerfully rattling integrated balls, zips around the spiral curve, plops into the seesaw bucket and tumbles out on the other side.

Children can design the ball's course themselves, as the water track elements can be arranged endless different ways.  Water can also be filled into the tracks with the ladle.

Contents: 1 water ball, 1 ladle, 1 spiral curve ramp, 1 seesaw bucket, and 1 track/ramp, each piece includes suction cups to attach to the tub or tile (made of phthalate-free PP-plastic).

Super for children ages 3 years and up.

Dimensions: tracks l 8“ x w 6“ x h 5“, water ball-Ø 2“.

Compatible with all other bathtub ball track sets and accessories.

Responsibly Made in China.