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Ruskovilla wool fleece mittens (special order)

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Ruskovilla has come out with a wool fleece that is soft and breathable like no other we've found! True to the entire Ruskovilla range, organic merino wool and gentle processing results in a difference you can feel.

These mittens in children's sizing are lightly warming, ideal for cool autumn weather on their own, or for wearing underneath separate outer mitten shells. We particularly like this mittens underneath a rain mitt for the ultimate warm and dry cold and wet weather mitten!

Please note: As these are pure wool with very little treatment, heat or too much agitation during washing will cause wool to felt or shrink. Even though these are already fleece, they can shrink even more if under these conditions. It it recommended to handwash with a wool detergent, or machine was in a front loading washer on woolens cycle. However, since they are wool, it is not necessary to wash them too often, as the high lanolin content in the wool means that there is a natural oxidation process that occurs. We suggest to let them air out a bit in between wearings, and wash only when needed. During summer months, or when otherwise not in use, we also recommend to store them in a resealable plastic bag - the one that they come in works great - to help protect them against moths.

Made in Finland.