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illustrated by Aleksandra Artymowska

Can you help the boy find his way through the mazes and back to his friends? Navigate towering treetops, prickly cactus fields, mysterious caverns, and crumbling statues in your epic quest.

Featuring ten compelling mazes to solve, this innovative and beautifully illustrated picture book is guaranteed to delight maze adventurers of all ages.

Aleksandra Artymowska is an illustrator, painter and graphic designer. She lives in Warsaw, Poland, with her two maze-obsessed children.

Published by Laurence King.

Recommended for 6 years of age. Some 5 or even as young as 4 year olds may find it engaging; and then again some 7 and even some 8 year olds might find them interesting still as well. This is one area that does depend on the individual child to some degree.

Hardcover, 11.5 x 11.5 · 32 pages.