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cuddly beige rabbit with warming inlet

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Filled with organic spelt chaff (large size), or cherry pits (small size). Zippered section for inlet in cotton bag, so that inlet may be removed for washing the cotton and wool outer of the bunny.

The spelt or cherrystone inlet makes for a soft padding for the bunny as a stuffy, with the added bonus as well as having the option to heat the removable inlet in the microwave for a warm stuffy on chilly winter nights.

Materials: Certified organic cotton and wool. Organic spelt and cherrystones grown in Germany. Small size is filled with cherrystones. Large size is filled with spelt chaff. Velcro pouch for cherrystone or spelt chaff inlet, which makes it possible to change out stuffing or remove for washing outer.

Dimensions: Large is 30 x 44 x 8 cm (over 17 inches long)

Made in Germany.

Please note that because there is light wool filling in the head and legs, we recommend washing with woolwash by hand or in front loader on woollens setting. Air-dry only, but in this case, in a well-ventilated sunny location where it may dry out thoroughly in short time.