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Findus & the Christmas Tomte

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By Sven Nordqvist.

Snow is falling on Pettson’s farm, and Christmas is approaching. Findus, the talking cat, tells Pettson that he is excited about the Yule Tomte visiting and bringing gifts. Oh dear! thinks Pettson, How can I explain that the Yule Tomte may not visit cats? So Pettson resolves to build a secret Tomte, what could possibly go wrong?

In Sweden it is not Father Christmas who brings children their Christmas presents but the Yule Tomte. Sometimes seen riding on a goat, the Tomte prefers to deliver presents after dinner on Christmas Eve. A new, longer Findus book for your collection in 17 chapters over 130 pages, translated into English by Nathan Large, with Sven Nordqvist’s engaging illustrations throughout.

This is the eleventh story published by Hawthorn Press about Findus the talking cat and his farmer. The series has sold over six million copies in 44 languages, and is beloved by children across the world. These friendly, fun stories are perfect to read aloud, and exciting for those learning to read by themselves.

Hardcover, 130 pages, 297 x 210 mm.

Hawthorn Press, 2018.