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fractions of a whole set

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Constructed from solid beech, this unique system is designed to teach children aged three years upwards the various parts making up a whole number. While playing with the three-dimensional pieces i.e. cubes, kiddies learn to distinguish whole shapes and their individual constituents such as halves, quarters, eighths, etc. When advancing to higher primary school grades, they then learn how to express these shapes abstractly in the form of fractions.

The system comprises three principal components: - Each part (whole, half, etc.) is designed as one self-contained solid unit instead of being made up of two pieces stuck together. This enables the formation to be visualized as a whole. All components are of the same colour (i.e. wood left in its natural state) so that they are easily recognizable as forming one single whole. - Each piece is accorded its own space on the board. If a cube needs to be formed from four quarters, the child removes each quarter from its tray and places it in the appropriate spot. This direct learning-by-playing method teaches youngsters the number of different possibilities of forming a cube, say from two halves, one half and four eighths, two quarters and one half, etc.

Includes: 19 parts (4 base plates with hollows for cubes and quads, 1 large cube 8x8cm) to form a whole, 2 halves, 4 quarters and 8 eighths)

Size: length 28 cm, width 18.5 cm, height 19 cm, weight 153 kg (cube size 8 x 8 x 8 cm)

Materials: Beech

Made in Europe.