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Making Maths Meaningful: Fun with Maths Puzzles, Games and More

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by Jamie York, Mich Follari, and Randy Evans

An inspirational and easy-to-use resource book for teachers who want to add interest and engagement to maths lessons. Part of the acclaimed Making Maths Meaningful series.

The puzzles, games and activities in this book are designed to challenge students with new ways of applying core maths skills. Created by experienced maths teachers, with a focus on problem solving rather than solving problems, teachers will find activities to supplement all main maths topics -- from addition and subtraction to algebra and logic puzzles.

Discover the perfect puzzle to inspire your class with this clear and easy-to-use resource.

Fun with Maths Puzzles, Games and More includes:
-- Puzzles -- categorised by age group and with full solutions
-- Games -- engage the whole class or small groups with maths games that pupils will want to play again and again
-- Maths magic tricks -- delight younger pupils and challenge older ones to figure out how they work
-- Class activities -- practical exercises to bring maths into the real world

Puzzles, games, maths magic tricks and class activities to make teaching maths easy and fun. This inspirational resource will be useful for Steiner-Waldorf teachers of Classes 4-12 looking to add interest and engagement to maths lessons. UK edition with metric system.

This is a useful tool for Steiner-Waldorf teachers of Grades 4-12.

Softcover, 195 x 178 mm. 192 pages.

Published 2019, by Floris Books.

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About the Author

Jamie York is a Steiner-Waldorf maths teacher and consultant, and creator of the Making Maths Meaningful programme. Born in Maine, he has taught maths at Shining Mountain Waldorf School in Boulder, Colorado for over twenty years. He consults for a variety of schools in the USA and internationally, and serves on the faculty at the Centre for Anthroposophy in Wilton, New Hampshire, training Waldorf high school maths teachers.