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unisex organic wool outdoor shirt (by special order)

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The outdoor top from Ruskovilla of Finland. When outdoor life is your hobby, you know the importance of just the right clothing. Ruskovilla outdoor top and pants work like a second skin, helping to conduct warmth in both directions. Well-chosen undergarments are the basis of dressing for the outdoors. This is also known by many Arctic expeditioners that have chosen Ruskovilla's outdoor undergarments.

  • No shoulder seams, hence backpack straps won't chafe.
  • A protective reversible collar with a wind flap under the zipper.
  • Long sleeves that reach the knuckles protect the wrists from frost and wind. Wristbands have separate thumbholes.
  • Extended rear hem keeps your lower back warm.

The unisex sizing fits both men and women.

100% soft organic merino wool.

Made in Finland by Ruskovilla, making natural clothing for over 35 years. Ruskovilla makes breathable and largely untreated undergarments. This low level of treatment to the wool itself comes through in the therapeutic feel of the garments, quite like no other woollens we've experienced.

  • Organic wool is the softest wool of all, and just feels good on the skin.
  • it's pleasantly flexible, warms comfortably, breathes and does not make one sweat easily.
  • Wool is known to absorb moisture without feeling wet (serves the sheep very well!), and it keeps one warm even when moist.
  • Wool is also known to neutralize body odour. It cleans very practically on its own, as airing helps to remove odours. The lanolin in the wool literally self-cleans, as it oxidizes in the air. Thus, it is recommended to hang garments to let them air out in between wearings. The idea is to wash less, and air out more, and thus prolong the life of the garment as well.

The explanation for the unique properties of wool is in both its structure and chemical composition. Thanks to its curly nature the wool fiber binds plenty of air. This air layer equalizes the temperature between the skin and the environment. The good feeling is increased by the ability of the wool to absorb moisture, up to 30% of its weight, as well as the ability to clean itself. Wool absorbs and neutralizes skin secretions, so these do not form a breeding ground for bacteria. Wool clothes do not need to be washed often, as just airing helps them to freshen up and become clean. Wool is suitable for almost everyone, as the wool itself does not contain ingredients that cause allergies. Only the finest types of wool are suitable for underwear. Ruskovilla organic wool is very thin, long fibers and soft merino wool, which is seven times thinner than the wool of 'regular' sheep.