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wooden paint jar holder for 6 jars [Re-stock Fall 2021]

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Ideal for the safe and stable use of glass paint jars with lids. Mercurius re-designed their paintjar holders in recent years. These are now precisely milled holes to hold the 50 ml (low) jars from Mercurius with even greater stability. Also available in a 3-hole version for kindergarten classes.

Solid beechwood.

35 x 6 x 3 cm.

Individual holes for jars in this jar holder are 1.75" diameter.

Jars sold separately.

Made in Sweden.


**Upon special request, usually with ~1 week delivery time, also available as an alternative is this jar holder to hold 100ml size jars (and the jars as well), or this holder with larger holes to fit open glass bowls. Please note that for reference the 100ml jar holder has jar holes that are 1, 15/16th inches diameter.